ECS update

2023/24 season update

In 2023/24 ECS Botanics has been actively expanding its facilities and capabilities, demonstrating significant progress in both the cultivation and manufacturing of medicinal cannabis. This includes the continued strategic focus on using organic and regenerative agricultural practices to enhance product quality and environmental sustainability​.

Recent achievements and partnerships that ECS Botanics has secured, underscore the Company’s growth and the increasing demand for its products. For example, ECS Botanics has secured $60 million in offtake agreements, both locally and in Europe underpinning its growth prospects. This not only demonstrates the company’s capacity to meet large-scale supply requirements but also its commitment to maintaining high-quality standards.

The expansion of their product listings on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), which allows exports, reflects the Company’s compliance with stringent regulatory standards and its focus on tapping into international markets​ (ECS Botanics), EU GMP​.

From a forward-looking perspective, ECS is well-prepared for upcoming opportunities with a strong financial base and ongoing investments in technology and capacity enhancement to meet future domestic and international demands.

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