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About ECS Botanics

Manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade cannabinoid products.

ECS Botanics (ASX: ECS) is an Australian medicinal cannabis cultivator and manufacturer, with facilities in Victoria and Tasmania.

We utilise progressive and innovative cultivation methodologies to reduce costs in an environmentally friendly way, adopting regenerative and organic agricultural practices, renewable energies, and striving for zero waste.

With PIC/S GMP (EU-GMP equivalent) certification, and by focusing on reducing costs, ECS has become a leading provider of high quality, affordable, medicinal cannabis.

Our Locations


Situated on the mighty Murray River, the farm has abundant sunshine and water, perfect for the cultivation of organically grown medicinal cannabis. With 7 operational acres, and 170 acres of expansion capacity, this secure site focusses on high-THC cultivation for inhalable flower and biomass for extraction.

Cultivation & Manufacturing

A B2B business model.

ECS focusses on what we do best – cultivation.

By developing strategic partnerships, ECS has applied a practical approach to cultivation and manufacturing which positions the business as a large-scale, low-cost producer of high quality medicinal cannabis products.

Our Offering

What makes
us different?


Natural environment allows for outdoor or protected cropping:
Warm and sunny with low humidity
Plentiful fresh water from the Murray
Keeps cultivation costs to a minimum

Organic Cultivation

Producing the highest quality medicinal cannabis is our primary objective. To achieve this we opted for an organic approach and use biological fertilisers derived largely from animal and plant wastes and beneficial organisms to control pests and diseases.

Regenerative agriculture

We embrace technologies that regenerate and revitalise the soil and the environment such as conservation tillage, cover crops, and composting. Our focus is to increase productivity while simultaneously improving our soil.

Quality mindset

Our company works directly with Australian experts in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP), and ODC regulations to ensure we are consistently meeting quality and compliance requirements.

Our Values

Patient Outcomes

Our aim is to provide the very best Australian grown medicinal cannabis products to end users. We take enormous pride in our quality, affordable and naturally grown products


We operate with a low carbon footprint. We practice organic and regenerative farming practices and use renewable energy sources.


Our best-in-class team are committed to the inclusion of all. Our approach is to bring in people with a diverse range of skills, values, backgrounds and experiences.

As Seen on

Working With

Range of hemp food products

The ECS Botanics Food & Wellness range aims to provide consumers with all the benefits of hemp. ECS undergoes large scale cultivation of hemp in Tasmania and is a major wholesale supplier, as well manufacturing for its own retail food and wellness brand which is available online and in major supermarkets. We partner with farmers and provide high quality products, striving to meet our 3 P’s (healthy products, healthy people, healthy planet).

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