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A B2B pharmaceutical manufacturer, providing cannnabinonid products to strategic global partners.

We specialise in cultivating high-quality, increasingly affordable cannabis, which after drying and curing, is supplied as trimmed flower for inhalation, or extracted into resin for further formulation or manufacturing.

All our products are EU GMP Certified, and suitable for export to the majority of countries with a medicinal cannabis program.

Dried and Trimmed Flower

Cultivating a range of strains for extraction and inhallation

  • Both Sativa and Indica dominance
  • 18-25% THC
  • Balanced CBD:THC
  • CBD only

Flower is specifically intended for medical use or further processing in GMP licensed extraction facilities.

Extracted products

Working with strategic partners, ECS extracts resin from our strains for the formulation of oils and other products.

ECS can formulate a range of off the shelf and bespoke formulations to suite your needs. Please enquire for more information and pricing


At ECS Botanics, we are constantly advancing our own R&D agenda, while also collaborating with strategic partners on new product development, unique genetics for cultivation, clinical research, and new market entry.