DJ Khaled Talks Medical Cannabis, CBD And New Product Line

“Miami is my home. So I’m tropical. I love tropical weather. And I also love Jamaica, the Bahamas, the Caribbean… That’s where my career started. I come from hip-hop, but I also come from dancehall and reggae music,” says megastar DJ Khaled, born Khaled Mohamed Khaled, sitting at his patio, surrounded by balloons.

We’re set to talk medical cannabis, CBD, wellness, blessings, family, health, and life. Important topics.

“I just love nature,” he continues, as he brings up his latest creation, a CBD-infused men’s grooming line, He’s visibly excited about it, proudly showing off its benefits as he strokes his well-nourished beard.

This love of nature, he assures, was crucial to the creation of this new CBD and Medical Cannabis product line, launched in collaboration with Endexx Corporation.

“I use it, I live it, I’m all about it,” Khaled assures. “I’m so into this: The name, BLESSWELL, is just so perfect. That’s exactly what it is. It’s about wellness and about blessings. I’m about that: wellness, blessings and self-care… I know this works. You should use BLESSWELL, or time will tell. You know what I’m saying?

You’ve got to take care of yourself or you see what time can do and. Don’t fight the time, bless yourself at the time.”

All About Knowledge…

DJ Khaled is no stranger to cannabis either. He’s been around it for years.

“It goes back to listening to Bob Marley. But it’s not about medical cannabis, it’s about studying and understanding the knowledge of cannabis.”

Khaled understands different people use cannabis to heal different things, to treat diverse conditions and ease certain feelings, or even to meditate.

The breakthroughs in science have also inspired him. Really knowing what cannabis can do was enlightening.

“All you’ve got to do is study and do your knowledge. The knowledge is so powerful that it became legal in a lot of places. I see it: every day, a new headline. It shows you the power of the knowledge, not just about cannabis, but anything that you want to know about: Do your research, do your history,” Khaled recommends.

“You should never use anything to be reckless. Ever,” he quickly adds. “This is about healing, lessons, and self-care. Everything connects with Mother Nature and the blessings that God has blessed us with.”

And Love…

On the need to legalize medical cannabis, Khaled is adamant too.

“We must always represent anything to help people. You can help and heal people. Anything that involves self-care and blessing… we should never stop that, in anything, not just in this category cannabis; in anything.”

And he continues, talking about his camp, his family, and the values of his BLESSWELL brand, “Over here, we represent love and we only want to put out love. That’s the answer for everything: love. So we ask everybody to show love.”

And Teamwork

It should be pretty clear by now: Khaled loves his CBD.

But when was this love born?

“I think my knowledge got me into it,” he reflects. “I’d always heard stories about CBD. I know people that needed it to help them for their health or other reasons. And I was like, ‘man, you know, I want to get to know this even more.’”

Khaled also attributes his love of CBD to his passion for meditation and music.

“A lot of the meditation music I listen to speaks about the healing of the patient. So I just kind of naturally got into it [CBD],” the artist continues.

However, love and business are two different things.

“I wanted to make sure that, if I wasn’t ahead of time, at least I’d be right on time,” he voices, as he goes on to explain his partnership with Endexx.

“They respect my vision and I respect their vision. It’s always great to have great partners. Teamwork makes the dream work,” Khaled asserts.

“They know that we have to do everything at a high standard, a high frequency of quality. And that’s what I’m about. It’s always great to partner with somebody who is as passionate as you, and ambitious as you. Any time you find a partner like that, it’s only uphill from there. You’re saying like: Let’s grow together, let’s win together, let’s built together, and let’s take it to the next level together.”

Written by Javier Hasse, Forbes Magazine

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